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What is


Wallink is a digital link management and management application. This application provides features such as link storage, link categorization, search features, and is able to integrate with other browsers. The Wallink application is designed to meet the needs and preferences of Generation Z in managing their digital links, with a focus on effectiveness, efficiency, and minimal user interaction.

What They Say About Us

  • I am very satisfied with my Wallink experience! It really helps me store and organise my links neatly. The easy categorisation feature allows me to quickly find whatever I need. Not only that, the ability to edit, delete, or archive links with a swipe of the screen also makes my life a lot easier.
  • Wallink provides an indispensable link storage solution for me. I like how it allows me to customise my experience according to my needs. The FAQ feature is also a lifesaver when I get confused. The only thing that could possibly be improved is the integration with other apps for smoother link exchange.
  • As someone who often saves important links for future reference, Wallink is the answer to my problem. I appreciate the ease of organising links by category and subcategory. The favourites feature and the ability to copy and share links directly from the app make it a very useful tool in my daily life.
  • Wallink has really made my life easier! With all the features it offers, such as structured categorisation, the ability to edit and delete links easily, and informative FAQs, I feel more organised and efficient. This app is my best friend in exploring the digital world.
  • Wallink is a pretty good app for link storage purposes. While I appreciate the ability to organise links in categories and subcategories, I find the user interface a bit clunky. At times, I had trouble navigating between pages. But overall, it's still a useful tool for me.
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